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Welcome to my site! We are taking Pre order and live Orders! $15 Mystery Cards ( 1-2item, you may get a pallete, lippie, beauty products, beauty tools, bath bombs, cosmetic bag etc.) $35 ( you may get 1-5 items or you may get a wallet, purse, makeup bag or makeup products ). $55 ( you may get lots of goodies in a purse or cosmetic purse ) $100 ( you will get the super items! You may get home stuff bundle, makeup bundle, self care bundle or bag and wallet set etc.) Purse and wallet choices are Betsey Johnson, Juicy Couture, Bebe, Vera Bradley, kipling, Tommy hilfiger, etc! Have fun shopping!


Accessories Cafe is all about Varieties of things Including Jewelries, Beauty Products, and fun Mystery Card Reveals! We do Facebook Lives!

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